Night Safari to Sitabani

Whole of forest area in Sitabani is open round the year for Safari tour and there is absolutely no limit of vehicles entering the area. Corbett national park authority will not offer the permit for the entry into zone. Sitabani forest department makes provides the permit for jeep safari. Sitabani forest zone also has popular temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

There is shallow brooks flowing through the Sitabani, and it offers enjoyable retreat to the tourists to get through. Tourists can also catch fishes and get all excited about angling. It would indeed be a great idea to take tour to Sitabani and get a real time glimpse. Since you can easily take a walk through the Sitabani, it would become a memorable adventure time of your life.

Sitabani is one of prominent zones which are always full with tourists. Most of the tourists entering Sitabani Jeep Safari zone are avid bird watchers. They have fair inkling to watch birds and the best part is that there are plenty of birds to watch around all through the season. Tourists can also take the glimpse of vultures, which have almost disappeared in the cities and towns.